8 pairs of Sunglasses that will be the perfect touch to your style

Accessories, such as sunglasses, jewelry, watches, and bags, have become as essential as the outfit itself. This is precisely because in a world where everyone wants to have a personal brand and stand out from the rest, accessories become very important in the world of clothing. For this reason, today I bring you 20 pairs of ideal glasses, which you can adjust to the outfit or Mood in which you find yourself.



With its oversized lenses, the butterfly is your go-to for a chic, glamorous look. Whether you prefer pointed tips like Loewe's, or rounded tips like Celine's. These sunglasses will always be the fusion between a vintage style with touches of modernity.



The classic that goes with everything. They are the perfect glasses to wear a relaxed style that at the same time enhances the outfit you are wearing. Italian craftsmanship and American boldness make Police sunglasses wildly popular among young trendsetters and rebels. While Gucci fuses the classic design of sunglasses, together with modern materials, giving a new concept to aviator sunglasses.

3. Round and minimal


This iconic, vintage style is very '70s, with round metal frames and lenses. They are the preferred sunglasses for those who love music festivals, the sun and good vibes. Our favourites? Of course Versace, which has a variety of colors between pastels, black and silver.

4. Oversized sunglasses


So you can hide behind them on days you don't feel 100%.