Love you Dad: Perfect Guide for Father's Day 2022

Each dad is different and giving something that can water the love we have for him is not an easy task. This gift guide for Father's Day includes a good part of the preferences of the contemporary dad. Take note.

At first glance, there is no gift that symbolizes all the affection and admiration that we cultivate every day for our dad. However, even if he doesn't tell you, deep down you know that that impeccably manufactured sunglass or watch fascinates him.

This guide condenses 7 of the most wonderful and recurring gifts that are usually successful on this special day. Still don't know what to give him? This guide will help you.





Give him a Tissot watch that will accompany him to any occasion.
All Tissot watch cases undergo several tests, including a water resistance check. Ensuring visibility under all conditions is an important goal for Tissot. This is why some timepieces feature a material we call SuperLuminova®. It functions as a miniature accumulator of reflected light when the watch finds itself in the dark. And made with sapphire crystal. 

2. The best Fragrance

  A fragrance given especially to achieve meditation, to meet your own thoughts and that this allows you to lead a full life.

It belongs to an aromatic woody olfactory family and therefore has fruity notes of pineapple, as well as juniper berries, vetiver and cedar, all of them always in order to keep you in inner peace and avoid fall into dark thoughts.


3. Ray-Ban Sunglasses, for those that want to remain Classic.

A proposal to not go wrong with the perfect gift, is to bet on the emblematic brand Ray-Ban. Aviator glasses are the most iconic model of the brand, it is timeless, perfect to complement a casual or formal look. Its polarized lenses offer greater visual comfort.

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